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Learn about the different roast levels and how the effect the flavor of your coffee.

The flavor of coffee is a very personal thing

Many people like "Dark Roast" coffee because they've been conditioned to like it. Many people think Light Roast coffee is weak and not worth trying. All coffee roasts are delicious when the right criteria are meet and high-quality coffee is used. The roasting process is actually very complex and, in the hands of a master roaster, various roasting levels can all be absolutely amazing.


  • Light roast coffee often has a stronger, richer flavor than dark roast coffee. It's all about how you brew it.
  • Many companies roast their dark coffee too dark. Dark roasts, when roasted properly, are deep, rich, and delicious without tasting like ash.
  • In roasting, there are two major factors in flavor:
    - Temperature: which effects the color of the bean
    - Length of Roast: which effects the flavor of the bean
  • When roasting coffee beans, there are two periods where the bean opens up to let out the evaporated moisture. These make audible noises called the "first and second cracks".
  • Air flow is a big part of roasting as well. More air pushes the heat around faster while less air provides for more of a radiant heat.
  • Professional roasting companies follow a "recipe" to ensure each roast has a consistent flavor. These are called "Roast Profiles"


Green Coffee

This is what green coffee looks like when we receive it from the country of origin. We store them at room temperature until we're ready to roast. The shelf life of green coffee is very long but we feel it's best to never let it sit for more than a few months.

Washed, green coffee looks exactly like this photo. Dry-processed or "natural" coffee often has a lot more chaff and can leave small chaff flakes in your hand when you pick it up.

Light Roast

City Roast ~400°F

Light roasted coffee is also known as New England roast. Light roast is often dropped during the first "crack" which is the point in the roast where the bean opens up to let the steam of roasted moisture escape. The smell at this stage is like freshly baked bread. The flavor is generally considered the best experience of the coffee itself without introducing much of the flavor of the roasting to it.

Medium Roast

Full City Roast ~410-430°F

Medium roast is generally the most popular with coffee drinkers around the globe. It introduces more flavors from the roasting process and starts to caramelize the natural flavors found in the coffee bean. Generally, light roast coffee drinkers and dark roast coffee drinkers will both enjoy a medium roast which makes this the perfect coffee to purchase as a gift when you don't know what the recipient drinks.

Dark Roast

Vienna Roast ~430-440°F

Dark roast coffee is cooked to the point where a lot of the natural flavors move from inside the bean to the outside. They are roasted in the machine and caramelized. A perfectly roasted dark roast keeps a balanced amount of the natural flavors but also introduces dark, smokey tones. Dark roast should never taste burnt but, instead, should be deep, dark and heavy.

Natural Goodness

Get Roasted Coffee Company's coffee is not only delicious, but it's rich in antioxidant's and is actually good for you.
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